Jenny Takahashi Palmer

JENNY TAKAHASHI PALMER is a sculptor based on Waiheke Island, Aotearoa. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from AUT (2016), and is now learning silversmithing part time. Her recent exhibitions include *subtle RESPECT, Window (2020) alongside Naawie Tutugoro and Vanished Delft curated by Anna Miles, Pah Homestead (2017). Her work combines tangible and abstract (personal/social) adornments such as valuables, values, rituals, history, and love. Japanese hair pins/combs (簪/かんざし) have been utilised in different periods of time as mystical instruments to ward off evil spirits, as weapons, ornamental and seasonal statement-pieces for women of power and geisha, and worn more casually in modern times. Jenny's handmade pieces, with stones set by Sameer Aneez, are a neophyte's attempt at a beautiful ancient craft.
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    Hairpin☆3Jenny Takahashi Palmer
    Sterling silver, peridot, pearls, plastic beads
    $1,100Enquire to purchase
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    Hairpin☆1Jenny Takahashi Palmer
    Sterling silver, urushi, aquamarine, glass glitter, resin
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    Hairpin☆2Jenny Takahashi Palmer
    Sterling silver, pearl oyster shell, tourmaline, pearls, jade beads
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    Hairpin☆4Jenny Takahashi Palmer
    Sterling silver, plastic flower, mixed beads, resin
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    Hairpin☆5Jenny Takahashi Palmer
    Sterling silver, urushi, brass powder, bamboo, pearls, glass beads, string